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We Help People Who Are Struggling With Pain & Stiffness During Exercise, Work Or Play To Address The "Why" Of Their Problem So They Can Enjoy Being Active Again.

If you're in pain or injured near Glendale, having a comprehensive posture and motion analysis may be your best solution to AVOID the impact of living with ongoing pain or relying on higher risk options like medication, injections, or surgery.

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Healthy skepticism is good, especially if you've already tried to self treat or worked with other health practitioners. So what's special and unique about working with PhysioBin? Aren't all physical therapists the same?...NO!!! Understanding more about what type of treatment will be offered is an important part of getting better. It needs to sit well with YOU! If you'd like to learn more about how I may be able help, click the button below to request a free consultation.

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If you are having pain and don't know why it hasn't gotten better, OR you have a new injury and don't know what to do so it can heal, it can be quite challenging and stressful to balance the demands of life with figuring out what's wrong while trying not to make things worse. If you any have questions about physical therapy or if I even work with the type of problem you are experiencing, click the button below so we can find a time to talk and provide you with some free advice.

*Note: There is no treatment given during a free consultation. It’s for you to ask us more questions and for us to confirm whether or not we think we can help you.

About PhysioBin Physical Therapy

We provide solutions that are specific to your body and its history by using technology and our expertise to gain insight from your foot pressure, posture, movement and gait analysis.

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I had shoulder and neck pain for three years that was the result of a sailing injury.  Finally, I sought out help from Dr. Dan.  I am glad I did.  Dr. Dan diagnosed my injury and created a plan for me to alleviate the pain with pain relieving exercises.  After approximately 6 weeks the pain in my shoulder and neck went away.  I thought Dr. Dan was very a knowledgeable physical therapist and, just as important, he was approachable and easy to work with.Dan really takes his time and does a great job explaining what and why he is doing what he is doing. In just two appointments so far he has significantly decrease pain/irritation from chronic knee and IT band problems. He performed a posture and gait analysis for running injuries using a foot pressure plate that identified what we need to fix. Dr. Dan takes the time to really understand the patient and the problem. In 3 weeks, he has achieved more results than my teenage daughter's previous physical therapist achieved in 9 months. It is very clear that he has an incredible understanding of the dynamics of both the body and running through posture and running assessments! We very highly recommend him for dry needling for muscle pain, strains, and tightness.After years of foot issues, I thought I was going to have to give up on ever running again. Dr. Dan has made it so easy to see that there is hope. While the treatments are super effective for pain relief, he also makes my "homework" easy enough to get done with a super busy schedule. Cannot recommend enough if you have foot pain or have ever sprained an ankle.Great physical therapist with great service. Dan takes time to evaluate not only where you are at, but who you are and what your goals are. He was able to not only get me back to full training quickly after an injury, he gave me things to do to after I left to prevent injury and improve my performance from where I was before. The practice is very friendly and comfortable to work with. Highly recommend seeing Dan for anything that is bothering you or if you want to improve sports performance and recovery..We provide head ache, neck pain and low back pain treatments that provide lasting relief with a satisfaction guarantee. It all starts with a free (not a sales pitch) consultation. Head ache, neck pain, and low back pain relief with postural exercises and dry needling.We provide runner's knee, IT band, patellar tendonitis, and chronic knee pain treatments that provide lasting relief with a satisfaction guarantee. It all starts with a free (not a sales pitch) consultation. Knee pain relief with posture and gait analysis to determine exercises for you, not your just your diagnosis.We provide foot pain, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, achilles tendonitis treatments that provide lasting relief with a satisfaction guarantee. It all starts with a free (not a sales pitch) consultation. Treatment with foot pressure scan and posture analysis to help your foot and ankle pain. We provide foot pain treatments that provide lasting relief without insoles and orthotics. We provide a satisfaction guarantee. It all starts with a free (not a sales pitch) consultation.We provide shoulder pain and neck pain treatments that provide lasting relief with a satisfaction guarantee. It all starts with a free (not a sales pitch) consultation. Neck and shoulder pain relief with postural exercises and dry needling.

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