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Dr. Dan designs a plan unique to your goals so you can move past your injury to pain free performance.

Watch the video below to see if a FREE CONSULTATION with Dr. Dan is right for you.

This is NOT just a simple injury screen. In order to provide advice or propose a plan to help you, I need more information than just a quick diagnosis to make a sound assessment. I don't treat diagnoses, I treat your body as a whole. I also want to take the time needed so you can understand more about your body. 

What to expect at your consultation.

*Note: There is no treatment given during a free consultation. It’s for you to ask questions, get some advice, and for me to confirm whether or not I think I can help you. 


...if you are in chronic pain and don't feel you have the support and resources you need to recover your health.

...if you are starting to notice more aches and pains in your body and are worried about how well your body will hold up in the future.

...if you are struggling to reach a performance goal because you always seem to run into injury or mobility problems.

...if you have run out of conservative care options and don't feel that surgery is right for you.

...if you had surgery and post operative physical therapy, but you are still struggling.

I realize I may not be the first person that you've gone to for help and you've already invested your time, financial and mental resources into this problem. I want you to feel like your money is well spent, so if you are not happy with your care after your introductory visits, you can have your money back. I want to be a trusted resource for you and I want you to get results!

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