We Help People Who Are Struggling With Pain During Exercise, Work Or Play Address The "Why" Of Their Injury So They Can Enjoy Being Active Again.

If you're in pain or injured near Glendale, having a comprehensive posture and motion analysis may be your best solution to AVOID the impact of living with ongoing pain or relying on higher risk options like medication, injections, or surgery.

Many people that have pain (big and small, old and new) are tempted to just wait and see if it will go away on it's own or with some basic remedies. Rest, ice/heat, massage, stretching exercises, and yoga feel good, BUT reality is that this basic approach isn't always enough to get well. A common next step is to reach into the medicine cabinet, but this strategy is no good for long term health and only masks the problem.

Can you relate? You are not alone! Our new clients have often...

...waited more than a month, or more than a year hoping the problem would just go away. Instead things stayed about the same or, in some cases, got worse.

...already tried some YouTube exercises or followed advice like, "I tried this and it worked for me."

...received care from a different health and/or wellness professional in the past, but it didn't help to the extent they had hoped.

...thought that they couldn't do anything about aches and pains blamed as part of getting older.

...worried they would be forced to give up doing something that they enjoyed or holds great value in their lives.

If any of this sounds familiar, we'd love to offer some help and advice.

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Founded by Dan Schumann, Doctor of Physical Therapy & Orthopedic Certified Specialist

Dr. Dan became a physical therapist in order to stay involved with athletics and those who enjoy being active as adults. After working in several hospital and outpatient clinics, PhysioBin Physical Therapy Wauwatosa was founded in 2017 by Dr. Dan to provide highly valued services to the Milwaukee area while providing true transparency of cost and services.

Great company with great service. Dan takes time to evaluate not only where you are at but who you are and what your goals are. He was able to not only get me back to full training quickly after an injury, he gave me things to do to after I left to pervert injury and improved my performance from where I was before. The practice is very friendly and comfortable to work with. Highly recommend seeing Dan for anything that is bothering you or you want to improve performance on.Dr. Dan takes the time to really understand the patient and the problem. In 3 weeks, he has achieved more results than my teenage daughter's previous therapist achieved in 9 months. It is very clear that he has an incredible understanding of the dynamics of both the body and running! We very highly recommend him!I was about to give up on running again. After years of foot issues, I thought I was going to have to give up. Dr. Dan has made it so easy to see that there is hope. While the treatments are super effective, he also makes my "homework" easy enough to get done with a super busy schedule. Cannot recommend enough!Dan really takes his time and does a great job explaining what and why he is doing what he is doing. In just two appointments so far he has significantly decrease pain/irritation from chronic knee problems.I had shoulder/neck pain for three years that was the result of a sailing injury.  Finally, I sought out help from Dr. Dan.  I am glad I did.  Dr. Dan diagnosed my injury and created a plan for me to alleviate the pain.  After approximately 6 weeks the pain in my shoulder/neck went away.  I thought Dr. Dan was very knowledgeable and, just as important, he was approachable and easy to work with.