Pain Relief and Bonus Video

If you've been stuck in pain for a while, you've likely developed some not so helpful habits due to the pain you are experiencing. It's likely you are unaware of at least some of them and that those could be part of what is holding you back.

I've also included a link to a BONUS VIDEO inside this report where I instruct some exercises for you.

This is our basic tip sheet that most every client I see can benefit from. While these are not recommendations for a specific diagnosis or problem, it covers key concepts and health tips that apply to most conditions, or people in general that have some everyday aches and pains.

This free report is great if you've run out of ideas of what might help you decrease pain and get you back to doing what you enjoy.

There is no reason that if you are feeling stuck that you need to give up trying or just wait and hope things will just get better with rest.

It's very easy to get frustrated that you don't seem to be getting better even though you are doing everything that they can think of including rest, ice, heat, yoga, stretches, massage, pain creams, stress relief techniques, and even diet changes. Most of our clients are so relieved to learn that there is so much more that can be just takes some outside of the box thinking and some expertise to find the right approach that deals with your specific problem.

Maybe you have already sought out expertise from a doctor or health/wellness professional, but don't find it as helpful as you had hoped. It can be difficult to try to find and trust in another option with the fear that it won't help this time either. Don't let this hold you back. Use it as motivation to make yourself more informed. What's important to do in this situation is to sit down with another professional, describe the previous treatment you've received, and ask how the treatment they are suggesting is different and explain why the other treatment didn't work seem to work.