Running Injuries

We Help Runners and Endurance Athletes to Stay Healthy so They Can Enjoy Training and Everything it Does for Them.

Running injuries can be incredibly frustrating. When you can't do something that has become a big part of your life, it can impact your social life, healthy lifestyle, stress levels, or perhaps a goal you set for yourself at a specific race/distance.

For others, running may be something that they haven't done in a long time (may even ever) and are worried that they might hurt themselves if they start and are doing something wrong.

There is so much advice out there online with YouTube, your Facebook group for runners, and running apps and gadgets. You've likely already tried numerous things to help including ice, heat, stretching, core and hip strengthening, balance drills, sports massage and foam rollers. Maybe you even gave in and decided to completely stop running for a while so you could rest your injury.

Many of our clients take off of running for up to a month only do discover that the same issue reappears in a short time after they start up again. Many other clients are worried, or even desperate, about getting ready for an upcoming race and don't have the time to rest if they want to reach their goal.

If you're not worried about a timeline, maybe you are worried because you saw your doctor and they told you that you should stop running so you don't damage your joints and/or need surgery in the future. Imagine the relief and joy you'd feel if there was another option that allowed you continue running!

(Also, there is no evidence to suggest that running causes arthritis!)

Another common recommendation is to go into a shoe/running store for some form of gait analysis and shoe fitting. You should definitely have a good pair of shoes on your feet, but many times it's not the shoe that's the problem. I love to get my clients feet and body moving better so that the exact type of shoe they have doesn't matter as much.

(If you download the report, you'll hear me talk a bit more about the shortcomings of relying on cushioned and supported shoes in the long term.)

So what can be done? Usually a bit of rest is good to get things calmed down. However, if you want to get back to injury free running, your best bet is to have someone do a posture and gait analysis to identify what exactly is causing more stress to your injured area. Having the ability to assess the whole body is really important. Something small can have a big impact if you run on it repetitively.

One of the things that most excites me about how I treat is the use of foot pressure and 3D posture and gait analysis to aid in this problem solving process. Nobody else in the Milwaukee area uses the same setup for assessment as we do, resulting in a more accurate and detailed analysis.

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