I seek to provide the highest quality care at an affordable cost. As an out-of-network provider, fees are paid directly at the time of service. I recognize that this can be a financial burden for some, and strive to keep fees accessible by using a sliding scale.

"Self-pay" model

While the out-of-network or “self-pay” model may seem unusual to some, it allows me to provide a full hour of skilled one-on-one treatment with undivided attention, free of the hurdles and misaligned incentives present within the insurance model. The longer appointments I offer can also work to reduce the total of number visits needed. Additionally, the rates that I charge are often comparable to the co-pays and out-of-pocket expenses from accessing a more traditional, “in-network” clinic, particularly if you have a high deductible plan. The "cash pay" model can provide financial protection and security for people with high deductibles who need to know the cost of care so they can plan their budget without any surprises on medical bills.  

Ultimately, I want to help you feel better. If you have questions about payment options, please contact me.

Sliding scale rates

The goal of a sliding scale model is to minimize unnecessary barriers to care for those who would benefit from working with a uniquely skilled physical therapist.  In serving a diverse population, the reality is that each patient’s financial situation is unique.  I trust that my clients are in the best position to honestly determine what is affordable and sustainable over the course of their care.  This means the specific cost per session will be the most appropriate fee, as determined by you, within the presented range.

$70 to $140 are the current lower and upper bounds of the sliding scale for a 50 minute appointment at this practice. 30 minute appointments are available on a sliding scale for established clients with a plan of care. It may be subject to change, depending on a number of factors. Patients will always be notified of any changes in advance.

Please be mindful that if you purchase a price at the lowest end of the scale when you can truthfully afford the higher rate, you may be limiting access to those who truly need the gift of financial flexibility. Being honest with yourself and your financial situation when engaging with sliding scale practices grows strong and sustainable communities. 

Out-of-Network provider reimbursement 

A self-pay model facilitates the ability to tailor treatment plans to each patient’s unique needs and goals.  To qualify for retroactive reimbursement via out-of-network benefits and coverage, patients can request a superbill (a receipt with medical billing codes) that they can then submit directly to their insurance provider.